New micro-scale methodology for shipping industry

Shipping is a major contributor to worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Correlated with fuel consumption, CO2 emissions from shipping are estimated to range between approximately 739 – 1135 million tonnes per year (IMO, 2014). And these emissions are set to increase significantly in the coming decades, anything from 50% to 250%. Emissions projections demonstrate that improvements in efficiency are important in mitigating the increase in these emissions.

We have just launched a microscale methodology for the installation of flow improvement equipment on ships. It’s applicable to programmes or activities that involve the installation of Energy Saving Devices (ESD) that improve the efficiency of the ships propulsion. The methodology enables ship owners to calculate the emission reductions saved due to the improvement in energy efficiency on ship.

We’re also excited to see recognition of this important sector in the latest Environmental Finance awards. FReMCo/MGM Innova, the organization that developed the 'reducing vessel emissions through the use of advanced hull coatings methodology', were voted “Best Project Developer – Energy Efficiency” for their work in the international marine industry, with the project itself also being voted winner in the “Best Offsetting Project“.

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