Renewable Energy Label: Call for projects

Open call for renewable energy projects to transition to new Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label

More and more businesses are setting ambitious renewable energy targets to spur the global transition to clean energy. Businesses can develop their own power generation assets, enter into renewable power purchase agreements, or access renewable electricity market instruments, which are also referred to as renewable energy certificates (RECs).

Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label is a quality attribute applied to RECs to help drive this transition. Applicable under RE100 and the GHG Protocol, by certifying these RECs with the Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label, projects can transparently demonstrate contributions to SDG target 7.2 and generate additional income through the sale of Gold Standard labelled RECs.

A project can be certified with the Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label under an eligible REC standard, such as the I-RECs Standard. Existing Gold Standard registered renewable energy projects, can also transition to be able to generate VERs or RECs with the Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label, giving the flexibility to participate in the voluntary carbon market and the RECs market.

Assistance to early mover projects applying the GS RE label

Gold Standard invites the following eligible renewable energy projects to apply for Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label certification:

  1. Gold Standard VER certified projects;
  2. Gold Standard CER certified projects;
  3. New renewable energy projects (for REC-only, no VERs)

To apply to the Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label, projects must be located in an eligible country by I-RECs. (See the list of I-REC-authorised issuance countries

The Gold Standard Secretariat will provide the following support to early mover projects applying for the Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label:

  1. One GS Secretariat staff will be appointed as focal point of contact (POC) for the early mover project and will be available to guide the project developer in the process of applying the Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label.
  2. guideline document outlines the steps and sequence required to register the project and request issuance on I-RECs and for requesting issuance of the Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label. The process with I-RECs will be managed directly between the project developer and the I-RECs Secretariat. Gold Standard assumes no responsibility over the I-RECs certification process.
  3. Due to conflicts of interest reasons, the POC cannot get involved in developing the documentation or “pre-approve” any proposed submission for certification.
  4. The project will be given dedicated focus during the Gold Standard certification review process to reduce the time required during project design certification and performance certification.
  5. Once the performance certification is achieved, the project will benefit from being featured on the Gold Standard website and in communications materials. Communications support also will include mentions in corporate-focused webinars and the Renewable Energy Markets conference for those that have achieved performance certification by the time of the event. Please note that Gold Standard will not be involved in any commercial dealing with buyers/investors.

Priority will be given to projects providing significant contributions to SDGs.

The support outlined above will be provided to the first five projects submitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you would like to be considered for early mover support, please fill out the template>> below and send it to bernardo.lazo@goldstandard.org for review before the 15 August 2018.


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Event Dates: Thursday, July 5, 2018