Feature your project

We would like to invite project developers to list their projects on our new website.

One of the key outputs from our recent strategic planning process is to implement an active demand building strategy. As part of this strategy, we have created an exciting new website that will be aimed at a more corporate audience. We would like to use this website as a tool to showcase the greater impact and value of Gold Standard projects. With this in mind, we have created a page that specifically promotes our projects and we would like to invite you to contribute.

How it works:

Each project is represented by an image and title. When you rollover the image it shows a brief description that succinctly highlights the key impacts of the project. Click on the project image and it will take you through to a specific project page that promotes the project in more detail.

This section of our website features projects from all our scope areas and users will be able to search by various key phrases/fields.

How to submit a project:

Please submit one folder per project. The folder needs to contain the following elements:

  • A completed project profile template.
  • Project images – at least three images. A minimum resolution of 300 DPI is required. There is no limit on the maximum number of images included.
  • Project developer logo(s)

All project folders need to be submitted to Claire Willers (claire.willers@goldstandard.org). Depending on the size, you can submit these folders via email, dropbox, wetransfer or by any other means. Please do not hesitate to contact Claire if you would like to discuss any of this further.

For further details, including the project eligibility criteria and the Terms & Conditions, download Feature Your Project T&Cs>>

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